About Us

D.I. Ware is a manufacturer equipped with a team of enthusiastic professionals who are determined in making your business successful and profitable by providing you outstanding eyewear products.

Since 2005, D. I. Ware has been providing countless hot selling eyeglasses and sunglasses for well-known and successful companies in France, Denmark, Japan and the US.

Our factory is located in Shenzhen Longgang with offices in Hong Kong and Canada.

We offer eyewear in metal, acetate and titanium. Focusing on automation production, R and D and LEAN manufacturing system, we keep escalating the level of production efficiency and innovation in product design and production engineering.

To have a strong business you need reliable suppliers as partners who can provide quality product, superb services, good price and long lasting relationship. Our number one goal is to win the market by developing extra ordinary products which set a benchmark on the quality, design and level of craftmanship. We value relationship the most as we understand it is the communication and trust that build dynamic and solid business.

To explore the endless possibilities to develop business with outstanding products, please call us to share your thoughts.

Business Nature: Manufacture and export high quality eyewear products
Products: Optical frame and sunglasses in metal, titanium and acetate
Price range: Metal USD8-12
Titanium USD14-18
Acetate USD8-12
Lead time: Metal and acetate new order 90 days, reorder 75 days
Titanium new orders 120 days, reorder 90 days
Capacity: Full capacity 150,000 frames/month
Metal frames 80,000/month
Titanium frames 20,000/month
Acetate frames 50,000/month
No. of workers: 500+
Major market: North America and Europe